Restorative Exercise(tm) Specialist of the Month (juni 2013)

Trainer van de maand samen met collega Luciënne van Leeuwen!!! Oh,  wat waren we moe. De foto heeft Lucy van ons genomen toen we tijdens de  examenweek in Ventura, Californië aan het wachten waren op de vroegste bus. Openbaar vervoer in de USA was op zijn minst bijzonder. In Mainstreet vonden we een lekkere koffietent die open was. En niet te vergeten: mocht je ooit op de fiets in Ventura rondrijden: don’t go down on Palm…..

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May-June 2013

Restorative Exercise Specialist™of the Month

Not all students of our Whole Body Alignment program move on to become practitioners, but many professionals do! To introduce you to some of our Restorative Exercise Specialists™, we feature one graduate a month (or sometimes two!) in a newsletter like this one. Our graduates are all over the world, and their personal stories are interesting. Thank you, Lucie in Netherlands, and Mina in Belgium, for sharing your stories this month!
See Mina (right) and Lucie (left) in the photo below, on the streets of Ventura during their training week.

Name:   Lucienne van Leeuwen                                              Mina van Brunschot
Age:       43                                                                              43
Location:   Castricum, Netherlands                                        Neerpelt, Belgium
Background: Yoga therapist, TRE                                          Business owner, Pilates
           and massage practitioner                                          and stretch teacher
In Lucie’s words:

My Background 

Born in New Zealand, I left at the age of 19 for a year of traveling. I never made it back home. My travels ended in 1996 in Holland, when I met my husband-to-be.

Since that time I have been studying massage, foot reflexology, human movement, Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy, the Trager Approach®, Trauma Releasing Exercises, other forms of yoga and meditation.
In 2011 my passion for alignment and optimal health led me to Katy Bowman. Studying with Katy continues to clarify my many questions, has allowed me to further develop my eye so that I can see what is going on, where the alignment faults are that are creating many physical (and mental) maladies. This process of re-aligning and returning to natural balance is a lifelong path of “undoing.” I feel enormously blessed to be supported within the very professional network of Restorative Exercise Specialists and fellow students.

What is your favorite thing about being a RES?
Being a RES is a super fun journey of first realizing and then releasing tension and stress, of returning to our inherent strength and flexibility. The experience of my own journey enables me to inspire and teach others.
Favorite “Restorative” Exercise
ALL of them. Even the ones that drive me crazy. I love them all. I love the never-ending challenge of awakening places in my body that were lost to my conscious mind.

Favorite Natural Movement
Climbing mountains and trees, hanging and slowly slowly ever so slowly
recovering the correct strength to weight ratio in my upper body.

In Mina’s words:


My parents taught me to live and eat healthy and then I started to work. To help me cope with a body aching from working at a computer 10 hours a day, I took on Pilates 3 times a week. I liked Pilates so much that I switched careers to become a fulltime Pilates teacher. Being an inquisitive Aquarius, I wanted to deepen my Pilates knowledge, doing lots of continuing education and taking various courses on stretching, sports care and movement. Still, I had lots of questions and Joseph Pilates was no longer around to clarify his method.

So as you do, I turned to Google to find a genie in a bottle. I don’t remember if it was a magazine article or the interview with KB and Liz Koch, one of my other teachers, but I found Katy. I studied Katy’s blog and realised my wish came through: a source of profound movement and health information, who is very alive and kicking. I signed up for the Whole Body Alignment course.

Making the paradigm shift was challenging. It sounds probably a bit cliche: I have never felt better, happier and healthier than in my life since starting Restorative Exercise™!

Now I am dedicated to teaching RE, my own Pilates practice has improved, as has my alpine skiing. I teach in my own six-person studio in Neerpelt, in the north of Belgium, and I teach at Pilates/movement studios of my friends in Aalst, Asten and Hilversum in the Netherlands (I live very close to the border). I sell alignment props and goodies, because I like doing a little bit of business besides teaching my lovely clients (such as my mum). My short term goal is to have my improved website with webshop online and my longterm goal is to become a teacher of teachers!

What is your favorite thing about being a RES?

My biggest personal victory: migraines have become very rare for me this last year.

Also, I love when even the most skeptical clients come up to me and say, “I have to tell you Mina, at first I thought you were crazy, but I get it now. Less pain, and my body feels healthy.”

Favorite “Restorative” Exercise
Really, do I have to pick one? My favourite is the thoracic stretch. It is instant relief for my neck and shoulder tension. Favourite challenge for me is aligning the knee pits  in 1 legged exercises like the arabesque.

Favorite “Natural” Movement
Hanging on the monkey bars, looking forward to the day hanging casually from one arm while eating a banana.

Looking for the RES Practitioner near you?
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is the Whole Body Alignment course. You can take the first two hours free by registering on the bottom left of the home page. For more information on the WBA course, click (here).

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